Wrigley Field historical sleuthing: All the way back to the 1920s

This film isn’t in color, but it’s fascinating anyway.

George Roy, who runs Flagstaff Films, sent me this film to see if I could help identify the players within. There are a couple of players obvious: Hack Wilson and Gabby Hartnett.

Rare-1929-Hack taking hacks with his fellow @Cubs inc Gabby Hartnett and Guy Bush, Wrigley Field-special thanks to @bleedcubbieblue and crew for helping to ID (from the BW Vintage Collection of the Flagstaff Films baseball home movie archive)

— Flagstaff Films (@Flagstafffilms) November 21, 2018

Beyond that I couldn’t tell, but I figured Mike Bojanowski could. And I was right!

The older gentleman with Hartnett beginning at :32 is Jimmy Burke, a Cubs coach from 1926-30.

The player ducking punches from :40 is Guy Bush, with the Cubs from 1923-34.

I am positive about the first two, the player shown from :44 is, I think, Hal Carlson, a Cub from 1927-30.

The player (pitcher) warming up at :49 is Sheriff Blake, with the Cubs from 1924-31.

The fellow at the very end is Joe McCarthy, manager.

The batters (the two not Hartnett or Wilson) don’t offer enough face to identify.

After I got those IDs back from Mike, I found one …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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