Winter Will Heat Up for Cubs as GM Meetings Open

Before you pedants get all riled up, yes, I understand that it’s not technically winter. But with Chicago already dealing with snow and the glow of the season reduced to its last dying embers, I think we can set aside Gregorian definitions.

Things have grown quiet in Cubdom over the last few days, suspiciously so. Not that we expected the Cubs to make all their moves in one fell swoop as free agency opened last week, but they’ve done next to nothing outside of extending qualifying offers to Jake Arrieta and Wade Davis. That could change in a hurry as the GM meetings open Monday in Orlando.

At first blush, the gathering’s title makes it sound like baseball execs rubbing elbows and talking shop as they drink expensive scotch and joke about how close to reality the fans’ insane trade proposals really are. Oh, that was Phil Rogers and not just a fan? Whatever, you know what I meant.

Even though such a conclave insinuates trade talk, it further acts as the de facto start of “real” free agency, the point at which teams and players alike start getting more serious about how they’ll spend the 2018 …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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