Was Drew Smyly Trade a Salary Dump or Stroke of Genius?

Friday’s trade of Drew Smyly set off a fun blizzard of articles and conversation among Cubs fans. On one level, it gave everyone their first fascinating puzzle piece for trying to figure out Theo Epstein’s plan for the offseason.

But largely overlooked in the Smyly trade analysis was the inclusion of those two players to be named later (PTBNL). One goes to the Cubs, the other to Texas. And I actually think those two pieces could be key to fully understanding this deal. More on that in a moment.

First, the Smyly trade reminds us how fun a Cubs offseason is to watch and analyze. Epstein has previously said no big secrets exist about the team’s strategy from year-to-year and how every move makes this abundantly clear to competitors and onlookers alike. But while what Epstein wants from each offseason may be fairly clear, how he achieves it usually involves a few inspired surprises.

Take the early part of the rebuild when Epstein’s stated goal was to “multiply our assets.” This naturally meant trading established major league players for multiple high-potential prospects and young players. It’s what every non-contender does.

What made Epstein’s approach unique was he didn’t stop at trading …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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