Updated Cubs Playoff Roster Predictions

Because it’s all about looking forward to October at this point, I want to keep tabs on where the playoff roster stands, at least in my estimation. I made my initial prediction just over a week ago, so go check back that if you’d like to see more. And given that the 11-man pitching staff from that earlier list hasn’t changed, I’m not going to rehash my thought process below.

Before I get into it, a few words on my thoughts when putting this together. Assembling a playoff roster, particularly the bench, is all about trying to leverage every possible advantage at your disposal. For that reason, I place more emphasis on defense than I do on hitting. Even the best pinch-hitter offers you only an incremental advantage over a mediocre one, while a great glove isn’t a low-percentage play. I also subscribe to the hot-hand theory, which is to say that I generally favor a guy who’s performing well late over the guy who may have better season numbers but is hitting poorly over the last month or so (usual SSS caveats apply).

I’d love to say that I’m making these determinations based on what I think the Cubs will …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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