Unique Delivery, Elite Velocity Could Make James Norwood a High-Leverage Reliever

I remember watching video from James Norwood’s rookie-ball days and thinking, He looks like a normal pitcher. Well, I don’t think that anymore.

Today, the Cubs rookie reliever displays a fastball that can touch triple digits and a changeup that drops off a cliff, which translated to K/9 rates of close to 10 and ERAs less than 2.50 over parts of the past two seasons at AA Tennessee. Numbers aside, what makes Norwood such an interesting pitcher is a slightly unorthodox delivery that somewhat resembles another highly successful big-league reliever.

Look at the quirky mechanics and see if you get who I’m talking about. See how his front leg starts way off to the third-base side? And how his overall setup is close to third base in general?

When Norwood was drafted and working his way through the lower tiers, he actually utilized a more traditional wind-up that looks much different than what we saw during his MLB debut.

I was reminded of Greg Holland while watching Norwood pitch against the Giants. While Norwood doesn’t fall …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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