Two trends that began in MLB in 2018 might stick around for a while

The game is in constant flux. Here are a couple of things, just beginning, that could define baseball going forward.

Baseball is a cyclical game. Baseball also changes. Those sentences have different meanings. Getting right which one applies the most, and why, gets you ahead of the curve of the “long game” aspect of the sport. Some changes are shorter term, and others are longer. The changes have less to do with are they “good for teams” or “good for the game,” and more to do with “what seems sustainable” and “which is more trendy.” I’ve noticed two changes is baseball in 2018, and I think they might be around for the longer term.

The Phillies and Dodgers both routinely dressed 40 players in September. Teams have historically brought up “a few” players to their September roster. Even last season, 33 or 34 seemed to be “the right number.” Teams might have gone a bit over or under. However, somewhere in that range was the standard.

Teams didn’t go much over or under for two rather understandable reasons. Finances are always a consideration. Similarly, teams didn’t want to call players up to sit on the bench. Whether hitters or pitchers, …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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