Today in Cubs history: 30 years ago, they tried to play the first night game at Wrigley

“Tried,” because Mother Nature said: “Not on this night.”

Several years ago, in an offseason “Game from Cubs History” series, I wrote the story here of the attempt to play the first night game at Wrigley Field August 8, 1988, 30 years ago today.

In re-reading that article, I decided I couldn’t have re-written the story of that night any better than I had posted it here in January 2013.

So below is the text from that article, with a couple of minor edits.

Tomorrow, I’ll have the story of the real first night game at Wrigley Field, played August 9, 1988.

After many years of discussion, debate and city ordinances limiting the number of games that could be played, the Cubs installed lights to play night games at Wrigley Field beginning in 1988.

The summer of 1988 was one of the hottest and driest in Chicago history; the 47 days that year with a high temperature of 90 degrees or above remains the record for such things (the sticky summer of 2012 missed tying that by one day). The Cubs finished construction of the lights in July, had a charity event under those lights later that month, and were permitted, by …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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