Theo Epstein May Also Be Haunted by Ghosts of Chicken and Beer

For Halloween, I wrote about how the Ghost of Carl Crawford could haunt Theo Epstein by inspiring greater caution when it comes to gargantuan free agent contracts this year. But this isn’t the only bad memory that may influence the exec’s thinking this offseason.

Epstein’s last season as Boston’s general manager ended with quite a media-circus mishegas. Howls of New England anger arose when that 2011 team missed the playoffs following a very disappointing September. Anonymous recriminations soon emerged about pitchers eating chicken and swilling beer in the clubhouse while a World Series-winning manager perhaps failed to maintain the right edge in the clubhouse.

I won’t detail all the incidents that contributed to Epstein and Boston parting ways (much to the Cubs’ benefit). You can read some of them here and here. But with recent reports claiming Epstein is “pissed off” about the way the season ended and how aspects of the Cubs’ clubhouse culture contributed to it, one can see how parallels to that 2011 Boston team could haunt him now.

Of course, Epstein’s relationship with his organizational superiors in Chicago is far better than back with Red Sox CEO …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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