The Wrigley Field chalk wall is back

Is this a new tradition?

One of the things that makes Wrigley Field so special are its history and traditions. Singing the seventh inning stretch is a tradition, not putting ketchup on a Chicago dog is a tradition, throwing back opponents’ home runs in the bleachers is a tradition. It’s all part of what makes a visit to Wrigley Field to watch the Chicago Cubs such a unique experience.

I tend to think of traditions as being older than me, things I learn from others, things that were explained to me on so many visits to the nice little park on the North Side over the years, so I found myself a bit surprised when I was walking to get coffee on Monday and noticed that the chalk wall from last year’s playoff run was back. My initial reaction was to scoff a bit and think that it was a bit of overkill, last year was the drought-breaking year, after all. We don’t need to do everything the same as last year…

 Sara Sanchez
The chalk wall has returned to Wrigley

And then I thought about it a bit and wondered: …Read the Rest

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