The Rundown: Thin Skin Don’t Win, Arrieta’s Old/New Spin, Potential Breakout Prospect

There’s an adage among basketball players — some of them, anyway — of which I grew particularly fond in my younger days. In fact, it has essentially become the pattern for my writing here at CI, which is sometimes born more of compulsion than desire.

“If you’re on, shoot. If you’re off, shoot till you’re on.”

The pithy saying applies just as well when we substitute “write” as the verb. And one could even put “hit” in there, since baseball players need to work through slumps in live action.

Thing is, ain’t nobody got time for that on this Cubs team. Some guys might get more slack than others, sure, but the roster dictates that if you’re not hitting, someone on the bench is going to be able to. And that means grabbing some pine if you’re slumping or if the matchup isn’t favorable to you. Which also means being humble enough to understand the deal.

“This is no time to be thin-skinned,” the manager said sternly on Wednesday. “You cannot be thin-skinned and win. You cannot.”

Maddon had previously spoken about keeping Kyle Schwarber out of the lineup against tough lefties. Same for Jason Heyward. And he’s been giving Jon …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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