The Rundown: The Rest Is the Story, Bryant Sits, Hendricks May Miss Another Month

Though it may not be worthy of a Paul Harvey monologue, playing time has been one of the most confounding and perversely intriguing aspects of the Cubs’ season. In the space of a month, they’ve gone from having too many good players in need of regular at-bats to too many underperforming hitters getting days off to clear their heads. Whether it’s Kyle Schwarber, Addison Russell, or Kris Bryant, the issue has now become one of trying to string together enough guys to push runs across.

And then you’ve got the little injuries, whether real or imagined, that have hampered and/or sidelined various players. Sprinkle in a dash of youth and a pinch of bad luck — though not bad luck in a pinch, oddly enough — and you’ve got a recipe for inconsistent performance and a .500 record. The finished product tastes about as good as it looks.

Except it’s not a finished product yet, is it? Even though many would have you believe they’re dead in it, the Cubs are still treading water. And they can continue to do so for quite a while. That’s not necessarily fun to watch, but Joe Maddon is playing it like Mickey holding Rocky back …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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