The Rundown: Shutouts Galore, Chris Kross’ll Make Ya…Slump Slump, Pitchers in the Outfield

Wily ol’ Joe Maddon was up to his shenanigans again Wednesday afternoon in Milwaukee, though not even cobbling together a series of tricks could help the Cubs scratch out a series win. Or a run, for that matter.

Astute readers will notice that Mike Canter hasn’t been seen on these pages in a while, but fear not. He’s taking care of some stuff with his Jivewired project and he’s planning to be back next week. Actually, calling it a “project” may belittle his efforts too much. Mike has poured his his heart and soul, among other things, into Jivewired and it’s really cool to see it getting off the ground.

But that also means he’s like a mini Atlas holding the thing on his shoulders, so I guess we’ll cut him a little slack for making you put up with me handling these Rundowns for now.

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The Cubs and Brewers have played 11 games so far this season, with the home team holding an 8-3 record so far. That would be somewhat remarkable in and of itself since the Brewers have maintained a lead on the Cubs for most of the season, but what’s really …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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