The Rundown: Otani ‘Not a Complete Player Yet,’ Stanton Talks ‘Heating Up’ with Red Sox

Thank you for joining us again here at Shohei Otani Watch dot com, formerly known as Cubs Insider. We appreciate your continued patronage during this transition period and hope you’ll stay with us when we resume actual Cubs commentary following the Japanese unicorn’s decision on which team to join. Unless that team ends up being the Cubs, in which case your favorite Editor-in-Chief is going to lose his freaking mind.

While the chances of Otani ending up in Chicago aren’t through the roof by any means, I really do believe it’s a serious possibility. By all accounts, he’s a baseball rat who cares little for all the trappings of fame and just wants to get out there and play baseball. As such, he’s going to choose a team that allows him to be a baseball player.

Yes, I know that sounds really dumb if you take the words at face value, since of course he’ll be a baseball player. But what I mean is that he’s not going to be signed as just a pitcher or an outfielder or a DH. He truly wants to play both ways and has displayed more than enough aptitude in every aspect of the game to …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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