The Rundown: Mike’s Back, Top 50 Free Agents, Friday’s Transactions

Hi, it’s Mike Canter. I’m back writing the Rundown for Cubs Insider and happy to do so. Since we last talked I’m a little older (I wear bifocals now), the kids are in college, I still strongly believe in the Oxford Comma, and I still despise the word “albeit.” I also prefer PBR and Spotted Cow to any craft beer on the planet.

I occasionally tweet, though not as often as 45. I am planning on Monday through Saturday posts going forward, and thank you, Evan, for this opportunity. My Sundays require a 216-mile round trip to take my father-in-law to church, so I’ll leave Sunday’s baseball notes in the capable hands of our EIC.

In between my last column for Cubs Insider and this one, the Cubs spent a year as champions of Major League Baseball, a nice change from 108 years of simply being the champions of our hearts.

Disappointingly, they’re not champions anymore, which may be why the Theo-for-President campaigns have stopped (though you can pledge your allegiance with one of these shirts). The Cubs have plenty of work to do this …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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