The Rundown Lite: The Rundown, Darvish Throws Bullpen, Bryant Maintains Perspective in Frustration

No reason to belabor the lede, let’s just get into things.

I’ve frequently spoken of Tyler Chatwood as a Little League pitcher, a guy whose busy delivery results in an utter lack of control than can actually serve him well at times. He ends up getting lots of called third strikes because batters just don’t expect him to throw that many good pitches in an at-bat. Of course, batters are usually right about him not throwing strikes, which is why he’s walked as many of them than he’s struck out.

What we saw from Chatwood Tuesday night, however, was a whole new level of blech. Already down 2-0, Chatwood walked (weird, right?) Christian Yelich to lead off the bottom of the 3rd. A subsequent throwing error on a pickoff allowed Yelich to move to second, which is what led to the cluster-you-know-what that followed.

Chatwood initially did his job with Lorenzo Cain, inducing a grounder to Javy Baez. The second baseman ranged to his right to field the ball, then jumped as if to throw to first before thinking better of it and firing to Kris Bryant …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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