The Rundown: A Discussion on Cubs’ Lower Velocity, Lackey and Bosio Make PED ‘Implications’

Hey, have you heard that Cubs pitchers are throwing with a tad less velocity than last year? I know, right, totally new observation. Or not, since it’s been a pretty common topic here in the first couple weeks of the season. Though it’s just under one and a half miles per hour lower, the Cubs’ velocity numbers (90.7 mph as a staff) are at odds with what appears to be a league-wide uptick. And when you consider the change in the way velo is measured, the questions get louder and the answers grow more varied.

One interesting rabbit trail I wanted to follow here is the idea that perhaps they’ve eased off the gas pedal with the idea that they can be more efficient and maintain reserves for October. Viewed in the vacuum of on-paper hypotheticals, this actually sounds really cool. It’s another of those market inefficiencies we like to crow about Theo Epstein’s brain trust exploiting. Thing is, the logic is all kinds of flawed when held up to the light.

The first problem I see with this idea is that it could mean all sorts of trouble when it comes to actually having to punch the …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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