The Cubs were really exhausted at the end of the season. The new schedule will help fix that

Kris Bryant said he was “drained” after the NLCS.

The Cubs have played more games over the last three seasons than any other team: 521 combined between the regular season and postseason. And that doesn’t even include the 35 or so spring-training games they’ve played each of those years.

So it’s no wonder Kris Bryant said this after the NLCS Game 5 loss to the Dodgers:

Bryant admitted he was exhausted at the end, no surprise since the Cubs barely got a break, between the World Series run to November last year, the parade, the celebrations and the interviews lasted right until spring, when they started up again.

“It caught up with me at the end,” Bryant said. ‘I’m pretty drained.”

He was so drained that he admitted feeling “older.” We think it was a joke but it’s hard to tell since he’s always smiling. Reminded that he’s only 25, Bryant responded that he’s on the “back side of 25.”

A day before that, Steve Greenberg at the Sun-Times quoted KB:

“I wouldn’t say emotionally or mentally,” Bryant said, “but I think physically, yeah. Obviously, some guys are tired. It has been a really long year. We’ve had some long days …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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