The Cubs aren’t going to trade Kris Bryant. But…

… what would be a reasonable deal for him if they did? Here’s one idea.

There’s been all sorts of kerfuffle all over the internet over the last few days over a report by Buster Olney that the Cubs would consider trading Kris Bryant.

I had my say about that report and what it means the other day.

The Cubs are not going to trade Kris Bryant. I’m so certain of that, that the previous sentence doesn’t include any qualifiers like “likely” or “probably.” They won’t. Theo Epstein’s quote from this Tribune article sums it up for me:

“I answered a general question about whether we have untouchables,” the Cubs president said. “Like most every organization, we will listen to anything, but that’s just an operating philosophy.

“We are lucky to have some impact players and we are looking to add to them, not subtract.”

All right, so now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s do a thought exercise. If the Cubs did “listen to anything” on Kris Bryant, what would be a reasonable trade in which both teams got roughly equivalent value?

It wouldn’t be a deal for prospects, not even “big-league ready” prospects. Kris Bryant, though he …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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