The Cubs are re-numbering every seat in Wrigley Field

This is long overdue.

When Tribune Company bought the Cubs in 1982, they re-numbered all the seats in Wrigley Field.

This was a good thing, because here was the seating/numbering chart as of 1978 (click here for a larger version):

1978 seating chart

Well, that was a mess. (Note, the numbers in each section are the number of seats in that section.) And remember, as Jack Brickhouse used to remind us on WGN, there were “22,000 unreserved grandstand and bleacher tickets” available for every game. With Tribune’s ownership, this changed. The Cubs now sold every seat in advance, and thus (except for the bleachers, which remained and still are unreserved), they would need a more accurate seating-number arrangement.

They chose an “Aisle” system. This meant, as you surely know if you’ve sat in the middle of any section of seats at Wrigley, that the seats to one side of the middle were numbered 1 through 19 (or so, some had more, some less), with the other side 101 through 119. This resulted in confusion, as certain seats that were adjacent didn’t have consecutive seat numbers.

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Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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