The 5 worst moments of the League Championship Series

The slide rule, cheating scandals and the #UmpShow, oh my!

Yesterday I looked at my five best moments of the League Championship Series, it was a post filled with great plays, celebrations and epic social media posts by players. But for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction so today I had to take a look at the five worst moments of the LCS.

5 – Brewers bullpen shenanigans

I think approximately 75,000 words have been written in 2018 about the Brewers’ bullpen, but at the risk of adding a few more, Craig Counsell was not about to let his biggest weapon go unused during the NLCS. He went to the bullpen and he went to the bullpen often. The below table shows bullpen usage through the LCS by team:

Unsurprisingly the Brewers were the only team whose relievers threw more innings than their starters. And they weren’t just looking for innings, Counsell was ready to play any potential advantage, including using Wade Miley as a five-pitch opener in Game 5. Even Brian Kenny wasn’t sure this was the right move:

I love the #Brewers, their innovation, & creative tactics. But did their use of …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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