Taking At-Bats with Matt’s Bat, Humble Anthony Rizzo Sets Tone in Cubs Romp

Anthony Rizzo’s long been an oddity among MVP-caliber hitters not named David Eckstein, what with his propensity for choking up with two strikes. That humility, the whatever-it-takes mentality, has served him well throughout his career, but it was being put to the test Wednesday night in LA as Rizzo came in with just two hits in his last 26 postseason at-bats. And when he struck out in his first two trips to the plate against Dodgers lefty Julio Urias, things were looking rather dire.

Rizzo’s teammates had put a four-spot on the board in the 4th, perhaps allowing the slumping slugger to relax. Facing the slothful Jose Baez in to lead off the 5th, the first baseman was in full-on take mode. He kept the bat on his shoulder and worked a 3-0 count, after which he got the green light. Baez pumped in a fastball middle-in and Rizzo pounced…and fouled it off.

After about an hour of jacking around on the mound, the big reliever readied and fired inside for what Rizzo thought was ball four. He tossed the bat aside and took a few steps toward first before being called back by home plate umpire Angel Hernandez. Strike two. As …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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