Taking a Slightly Different Angle on Theo Epstein’s Assessment of Jorge Soler

The Cubs’ front office has received a great deal of praise, much of it from yours truly, for the transparency they’ve shown throughout this whole rebuild process. From the time Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer blew into town, they’ve been very up-front about their intentions, not to mention the various struggles and limitations that have stood in the way of carrying said intentions out. What’s funny is that most of the criticism aimed in their direction has come from those who are either unwilling or unable to take anything at face value.

Fans and media members alike have grown so accustomed to dishonesty that their natural inclination is to believe the men running baseball operations for the Cubs must be trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Now, much of this sentiment has been shown time an again to be without merit, particularly now that the team is showing more than a fair bit of promise. But the dichotomous views of Epstein and Hoyer’s words and intent got me to thinking a little bit.

I mean, yes, the Wonder Twins have been very clear in what they have said over the years. But they generally say things in such a way …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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