Should the Cubs reassess incoming talent?

Theo Epstein & Co. likely need to put the whole system under scrutiny.

With the off-season begun a bit early, so have our between season lives. That may, in some cases, include a degree of re-assessing. Perhaps, that includes how many tickets to buy for 2019. Possibly, a spring trip to Mesa will be assessed. For the Cubs front office, a degree of re-assessment is likely, as well. The most obvious is the specific free agents to court. However, an inventory of which types of players to sign to initial contracts might be undertaken, as well.

Veteran contracts will be under scrutiny. Justifiably so. When a rather major purchase backfires, the team suffers. Getting the right fit and talent in major pieces will always be fodder for discussion. Technique, and talent, are both considerations.

When the Cubs signed Brian Duensing on the cheap, it worked well. When they extended him for two seasons, because he had succeeded, it didn’t work as well. I’m not convinced that my crystal ball is much better for MLB veterans than anyone else’s, which calls my opinions on the topic into question. As such, I doubt the off-season meat market will move my needle very …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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