Should Cubs Wade Into Deep End, Bring Davis Back as Closer?

When the Cubs traded Jorge Soler to the Royals for Wade Davis prior to the 2017 season, even the biggest Soler fans (present company included) had to admit it was a total steal. Chicago got a lock-down stopper with all the effectiveness and none of the baggage they had with Aroldis Chapman, and all they had to give up was an oft-injured outfielder with a ceiling he couldn’t climb a ladder to reach.

Davis became an All-Star who saved 32 games en route to an NL Central title, while Soler played most of the season in AAA. But the real risk the whole time was the disparity in the players’ level of control, as Davis is now a free agent. So the big question now is whether the Cubs should bring him back on a long-term deal.

There are strong cases to be made for and against keeping the stoic right-hander in a Chicago uniform. I’m going to lay out both before I give my own opinion on what path the Northsiders should opt to follow.

There are several factors that make keeping Davis the smarter decision. To begin with, the rest of the relief pitching market is pretty thin. Fernando Rodney is …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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