Shohei Otani Hires US Agent, Could Be Step Closer to MLB

It’s no secret to semi-regular readers that I have developed a mild obsession with two-way star Shohei Otani. Whether the Cubs have a legit shot at landing him or not, I really want to see what Otani can do in MLB. The prospect of the Japanese import manufacturing stateside — you know, kinda like how cars already are — took a big hit when the various parties involved in his move arrived at an impasse.

You can click that link for more details, but the abridged version is that the previous posting agreement expired and Otani’s current team, the Nippon Ham Fighters, wasn’t down with the new process set forth by Nippon Professional baseball. While a team would have been paid $20 million to post their player under the old guidelines, the new ones would entitle the team to only 15-20 percent of the MLB contract the player signed.

That’s a pretty sweet deal if a superstar like Otani landed what was initially expected to be a $200 million deal. But because he’s subject to the age and experience restrictions set forth in the new CBA, Otani’s earning power is limited to a fraction of that. …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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