Series Preview: Colorado Rockies (38-23) at Chicago Cubs (30-28)

I feel extremely vindicated in my confidence that the Rockies were going to be good this year. Please disregard any comments that I may have made in the podcast to open the season about how they would end up with a worse record than the Padres, that must have been deceptively edited.

Oddly enough, the Rockies record is not built on their offense. While their team wOBA of .330 ranks fifth in MLB, when you work in that whole park factor thing their offensive contributions actually rank 27th in baseball, just ahead of the Padres (vindicated!). Instead, it’s pitching and defense that have led to this resurgence. The Rockies rank second in MLB with +27 defenive runs, and their team 4.09 ERA/4.06 FIP puts them at seventh in the bigs in pitching WAR. A 4.09 ERA with half your game in Coors is incredible – the Rockies team ERAs over the previous five years were 4.91, 5.04, 4.84, 4.44, and 5.22.

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