Schwarbrist? Zobaez? Cubs Projected to Have Two of MLB’s Top Combos

Remember when I said Joe Maddon had his work cut out for him in 2017? Turns out, his job might be easier than I thought. That’s because he’s projected to have two of the top five platoons in baseball this year.’s Mike Petriello looked at several dozen platoon positions and used Steamer projections to name the top combos as expressed by weighted on-base average (wOBA). If you’re not intimately familiar with that particular stat, think OBP but with more emphasis on extra-base hits. Makes sense, right? OBP considers all hits the same, even though that’s clearly not true in reality. Oh, he also weighted the lefty hitters at two-thirds of the total since there are more righty pitchers.

At the top of the heap was the combo of Kyle Schwarber and Ben Zobrist, who are projected to combine for a .362 wOBA in left field. That’s nearly 40 points above the average for non-pitchers (.323) and beat out the second-place pair of Yasiel Puig and Andre Ethier by 8 points. Here’s some of what Petriello had to say about Schwarbrist:

Schwarber, unsurprisingly, is expected …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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