Salary Predictions for Top 80 Free Agents Give Cubs Plenty to Work With

Theo Epstein and Co. are going to have plenty of options to choose from as they look to restock for another playoff run. In speaking with Spiegel and Parkins Thursday afternoon, Jed Hoyer shared a little about the offseason strategy and said this might be the busiest winter they’ve had since arriving prior to the 2012 season. So who will they end up targeting?

We’ve seen predictions of all manner so far, including those with destinations and salaries for the top 50 free agents, just destinations for the top 25, and even Vegas odds for a selection of big free agents. Jon Heyman of FanRag sports changed things up a little bit and gives us what may be the most objective look at free agency yet, though there are no landing spots included.

Instead, Heyman and an unnamed expert run down projected salary figures for the top 80 free agents on the market. This format is much less murky and, at least in my opinion, skews much further away from sensationalism due to the lack of teams associated with each player. What we’re left with is a fairly good idea …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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