Ryan Says: Major League Baseball’s Three Biggest Turkeys of 2017

With Thanksgiving this week, it seemed appropriate to mention just a few things that I’m thankful for in 2017: my family, my health, Evan Altman, and the fact that you read the things I write. Now that we have that out of the way, here are my top-three MLB Turkeys of 2017 (to keep this non-political, the list is baseball only … but use your imagination).

3. Matt Moore

In Game 4 of the 2016 NLDS against the Cubs, Giants left-hander tossed an absolute gem. He threw eight innings, allowing just two hits, two walks, one earned run, and he struck out 10 batters. It’s a little overlooked because San Francisco’s bullpen was unable to hold the Cubs down in the 9th inning, but Moore’s performance in an elimination game was excellent.

Moore finished the 2016 season with 198 1/3 innings in 33 starts between the Giants and Tampa Bay Rays, compiling a 4.08 ERA. At that moment in time, his career ERA was 3.91. Forgive the Giants if they thought the 28-year-old Moore would qualify as a decent No. 4 starter in 2017.

But “decent” is not an appropriate adjective. Moore’s 5.52 ERA was the worst among qualified starters in all of baseball …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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