Report of Epstein ‘Working Diligently’ to Add ‘Another Professional Hitter’ Isn’t Anything New

I had contemplated simply filing this report away under either “Well, duh” or “Consider the source,” but ultimately decided to afford it a friendly nod of acknowledgement. Addressing the Cubs’ plans this winter in the wake of the Cardinals’ acquisition of Paul Goldschmidt, The Athletic‘s Jim Bowden told CBS Sports a “professional hitter” is the big target.

“Theo Epstein knows this is a critical year for him. So even though he is downplaying spending any money, my understanding is behind the scenes he is working diligently and he has said he is going to get another professional hitter for that lineup,” Bowden reported. “There is pressure for him to get that, I think he’s going to do it, especially next week in Vegas.”

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Source:: Cubs Insider

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