Report: Jim Hickey Likely Out as Cubs Pitching Coach

Jed Hoyer said Tuesday that the coaching staff wasn’t fully settled, though he did not offer any specifics beyond “a number of people are exploring different things.” The Cubs have already changed hitting coaches for the second time in as many years, so it seemed really unlikely another major change was coming. But according to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers, that’s exactly what is happening.

“As of last night, I’m pretty sure Jim Hickey is not back,” Rogers told ESPN 1000’s David Kaplan. “And so this is an amazing turn of events. They will be firing the pitching and hitting coach in back-to-back years. Just crazy. So I don’t believe Jim Hickey is back, I’m pretty much reporting that at this moment. It’ll be interesting who replaces him.

“There’s a chance that there’s a guy out in San Francisco, Curt Young. He was the pitching coach for the Red Sox in 2011, Theo’s last year. They blew it up, he went back to the West Coast, he was a pitching coach for the A’s and the Giants.

“This is totally my guess…if they want Curt Young, is the Giants have had nobody in charge. You gotta ask permission to …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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