Report: Giancarlo Stanton Would ‘100 Percent’ Choose Giants Over Cards, Midwest ‘Last Choice’

While it doesn’t directly involve the Cubs, the latest updates on Giancarlo Stanton’s situation certainly factor in the NL Central race. FanRag’s Jon Heyman has offered further confirmation of what we’ve been hearing for weeks, which is that the Marlins slugger would very much prefer not to play in St. Louis.

One person said he “didn’t see any way” he’d accept the Cardinals but added the disqualifier that he can’t say he knows for sure. Another opined that he’d “100 percent” take the Giants over the Cardinals if that’s the choice, and yet another suggested the Midwest, behind the most preferred West Coast and East Coast, is his “last choice.”

You know ol’ Jeets is feeling worse about this than when he busted his mug crashing into those seats or when he realized how bad his overall defensive ratings really were. In all seriousness, though, you do have to feel bad for Derek Jeter in this situation. After spending the entirety of his brief ownership tenure firing everyone in the organization, he can’t manage to find a way to get rid of $285 million dollars and the player set to earn it.

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Source:: Cubs Insider

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