Recent Ohtani Developments Not Surprising, Cubs Putting Together ‘Incredibly Creative’ Pitch

Have you ever seen those images captured from really powerful microscopes, the ones in which dust particles are meteorites and a carpet swatch is a dense forest? The subjects are so highly magnified that the viewer loses all sense of perspective can’t reconcile what they’re seeing with what they perceive as reality. Such is the case with Shohei Ohtani, particularly after the sweeping round of cuts made to the teams vying for his services.

Only seven teams — the Dodgers, Mariners, Giants, Padres, Angels, Cubs, and Rangers — will actually be meeting with Ohtani and his reps. That means all 23 other teams, even the Yankees, are out of the running. If you spent any time on Twitter Sunday night, you no doubt saw all manner of reactions to the constant flow of news, all of which got me thinking.

There was a great deal of surprise, among national and beat writers too, that the Yankees didn’t make the cut and that certain other teams did. But should there have been? I mean, a lot of this stuff has been right out there in the open the whole time, it’s just that maybe some folks were too close to …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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