Pedro Strop’s injury, the status quo, and possible Cubs roster additions

Where can the Cubs find some bullpen reinforcements in mid-September?

I tend to be a bit of a status quo type of baseball observer. If things are generally going as desired, the status quo should generally be honored. Some people are prone to wanting to “call up this guy or that” to jump start things. That usually doesn’t describe me. Especially if things are going well. However, with the Pedro Strop injury, the status quo no longer exists. The Cubs are a playoff-bound team, with as many bullpen questions as bullpen spots. Here are a few things to mind with Strop‘s health, and playoff likelihood, up in the air.

To specify what I was generally opposed to before, I’ll use a few examples. When the Cubs were a struggling squad, some people were interested in releasing (or designating) players who were struggling, to give whimsical chances in MLB to players who weren’t ready. For instance, in a current example, and Ian Rice might make sense. A bat-first catcher, some might have wanted him to get an MLB baptism by fire. Or, perchance, minor league infielder Zack Short.

Rice and Short may have their chance at MLB action. …Read the Rest

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