Not Everyone Reviles Dorks: Joe Maddon Thinks Nerds Are Pretty Cool

I am a nerd.

I know, I know, the dashing good looks and air of general awesomeness would lead you to believe otherwise, but it’s true. Need me to flash my nerd cred to prove it? I scraped together change to buy each of the issues from the four different Superman comic lines that followed the titular character’s return from death. I wrote papers for classmates for money. I was named the outstanding Home Ec, Industrial Technology, and English student in my senior class and was told by my Calculus teacher that I was the second-best mathematician he’d taught (my uncle Ed was #1).

Oh, there’s also the fact that I didn’t date or kiss a girl until college. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to actually write that?

The good news is that I’m not necessarily sharing the admission with a very big audience. Even so, I can only imagine the dude-bros reading this — albeit slowly and with their lips silently mouthing the words as they do — and thinking up all kinds of (not very) funny things to say to/about me. But you know what? I don’t care.

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Source:: Cubs Insider

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