NLCS Game Three: Dodgers 6, Cubs 1

OSS: Cubs lose in all aspects of the game.

Three up:

  1. Kyle Schwarber got the scoring started with an opposite field solo HR against Darvish in the first inning. Unfortunately, that is also when the scoring stopped.
  2. Kris Bryant had two hits and didn’t strike out for what seems like the first time in the last month.
  3. We didn’t have to hear the awful Dodger Stadium sound system.

One down the middle:

  1. Kyle Hendricks was just okay. His changeup was working and he got some key strikeouts, but left a lot of balls up in the zone on a day that the wind was blowing out. At least the two homers were solo shots. His other run was on a double and triple that were inches away from being foul balls.

Far too many down:

  1. This game was pretty much the anti-2016 Cubs. The defense was awful, and it’s hard to pick the worst play of the game. There were plenty of FFS moments. Monty crossing up Contreras for a passed ball strikeout run was certainly one of them, as was Happ dropping a fly ball in CF. KB had an error that looked like a bad hop at first but on replay it looked like he basically …Read the Rest

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