MLB’s pitch clock proposal is going to be implemented, and that’s a good thing

Here’s how this and other pace-of-play rules would affect the way the game is played.

News item: Major League Baseball owners are going to institute a pitch clock and other things they think will improve the pace of play this year, even if the players don’t agree to these changes.

According to that linked article by Tom Verducci, if the players don’t sign off on the pace-of-play modifications by the time of the next owners meeting in Los Angeles on January 30, the owners are going to put them in place unilaterally, as they are permitted to do under the current CBA after a year of negotiating (which is why these proposals were first made last year).

Before I get into some discussion of what this all means, here are the details of the changes:

• A 20-second pitch clock with the bases empty, similar to what has been used for three years in some minor leagues. First violations by a pitcher or batter would receive a warning. Subsequent violations would result in a ball charged to the count upon a violation by the pitcher or a strike charged upon a violation by the batter.

• A limit of six mound visits per …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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