MLB’s Draft 50 and why it’s worth a glance

MLB has ranked 50 top draft possibilities for next year. You should check it out.

This week, baseball’s Draft 50 came out on Between now and the draft next June, the list will be bumped up to 100 names, and eventually 200. Even though you likely have no familiarity with most of the players, and few will be drafted by the Cubs, this can be a useful resource. As writing on the draft is a key component of what I do, I’ll spend more time familiarizing myself with these names than most fans. Today’s is an article on why you should perhaps do a degree of digging through the site, as well.

MLB teams, all 30 of them, will want to have a rather filled-out dossier on all of these players. Not just some 20/80 scores on power and fast ball. Is he a good dude? How well does he treat the women in his life? Does he hustle on a routine grounder to short, down 7-2 in the eighth inning? When he’s supposed to be “hitting behind the runner” in batting practice, is he? How is his class attendance? How are his grades?

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Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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