MLB Bullets could have done so much better

Poor attendance, lawsuits, suspensions and a name change dominate today’s news.

Going 5-5 when nine of your team’s first ten games were on the road isn’t cause for alarm.

  • The best story of the day is this piece by Dayn Perry about the White Sox and Armour Field, a proposed replacement for Old Comiskey Park that never got off the ground because reasons. Mostly because Jerry Reinsdorf had his own idea what the new stadium should look like and this wasn’t it. Armour Field would have been heavily influenced by Wrigley Field and the Polo Grounds and would have, in Perry’s mind, brought about an entirely different history for the White Sox. Perry argues that it also would have been much better for the surrounding area than what current Cellular Rate Field did. I’ve never been to a White Sox game, so read it and tell me if Perry knows what he’s talking about or whether he’s crazy.
  • Maybe the White Sox would have more than 1,000 fans as only 974 showed up for Monday’s White Sox game. To be fair, this was the same day that the Cubs game was postponed because of snow.
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    Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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