Manny Machado’s Shortstop Play Proves Costly in Game 1 against Brewers

Game 1, fourth inning, NLCS, Dodgers versus Brewers

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CI’s Evan Altman wrote nicely yesterday about how some have noticed an improvement in Manny Machado‘s shortstop play from his first half with the Orioles to his second half with the Dodgers. Both his piece and Ken Rosenthal’s in The Athletic (subscription) that it built from are worth reading.

There is no denying Machado’s defense has improved from what was basically the worst in the majors in the first half among starting shortstops. But for the Cubs, the question is whether it has improved enough to lavish boffo free agency dollars if he’s dead set on playing only shortstop with his next team.

I can give you my answer right now. I’d love Machado’s bat in the Cubs lineup, but not if it requires him to play shortstop full-time. If you can put him at third and Kris Bryant in left field, I’m all in and the Cubs have the starts of a nice upgrade to the offense without tempting any defensive fates.

I don’t share this preference flippantly. After watching a good bit of footage of Machado and his shortstop fundamentals, I remain …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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