Manny Machado’s Defense Offers Little to Smile About

2018 NLCS

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After being traded to a contender this season, impending free agent Manny Machado had a prized national stage upon which to showcase his talents and increase his value. And even if his performance was flat, his infectious smile could have won fans over. Unfortunately for many, including Manny, his prima donna attitude and unsportsmanlike tendencies have shined brightest.

What has been most interesting, however, is digging in deep and studying his defense. Observing him throughout the regular season did not prove very impressive, but the playoffs provide a chance to see what progress he may have achieved over a full season at shortstop.

After two full playoff series, Machado’s defense offers little reason to smile. He is athletic with a great arm, but missing fundamentals render his glove more a force divider than multiplier. So if I am the Cubs, I sign him in a heartbeat for third base (character flaws understood) and, just as reflexively, pass on him as my everyday starting shortstop.

In other words, I don’t think Machado is a championship-caliber shortstop on defense. Yes, I know this flies in the face of the Dodgers potentially winning a World Series this year, but Machado …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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