Machado vs. Harper

The Cubs will go into this offseason ready to make at least some small amount of changes to the baseball club. Theo Epstein said as much in his incredible post-season conference (almost always the highlight of the year for non-baseball activities). The problem with jettisoning young players is that you are getting pennies on the dollar – advertising that you are getting rid of players tends to do that. There are a few candidates for the ole’ heave-ho, and I’ll lay out a case for each here:

Ian Happ: Happ has had 875 career plate appearances at the MLB level, and he’s struck out in nearly 300 of them (296, or 33.8% of appearances). That’s 5% more over his career than Javy Baez – nobody in the organization gives away quite as many ABs as Ian Happ does. Happ walks a lot, but lost a lot of power this season – only an unsustainable .362 BABIP this year allowed Happ to have any real semblance of production. Ian is prone to deep, deep slumps, and gives away a little bit in the field, so you’re looking at a second-division starter unless he can find a way to add power or disicipline, …Read the Rest

Source:: Obstructed View

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