LL Cool Javy and Kool Zo B Rap Up Cubs W Over Reds

Don’t call it a comeback
I’ve been here for years
Rockin’ my peers
Puttin’ suckers in fear
Makin’ the tears rain down like a monsoon
Listen to the bat go boom
Explosion, overpowerin’
Over the competition I’m towerin’
Wrecking shop when I drop these swim moves
That’ll make you call the cops
Don’t you dare stare, you better move
Don’t ever compare
Me to the rest that’ll all get sliced and diced
Competition’s payin’ the price

Javy Baez may rock a baseball cap instead of a Kangol, but he’s got the gold chains and sweats swag just like James Todd Smith in his prime. And there he was Saturday afternoon, knocking the Reds out with a 4-for-5 performance that raised his season slash to .294/.327/.565 with a 132 wRC+ that is 34 points higher than his career high of 98 set last season.

He also added to a 2.8 WAR total that was already half a win higher than last season, and in just a little more than half as many games as last season. That’s, uh, that’s really solid. Javy’s been so damn good and so damn smooth that he could walk down Clark Street with a panther and people wouldn’t even notice because they’d be to busy fawning over Javy.

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Source:: Cubs Insider

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