Lackey Returning for 2018 Something Cubs Are ‘Going to Talk About’

I’ll take “Eleven-word horror stories” for $2,000, Alex.

We learned last week that John Lackey planned to pitch again in 2018, which was at least mildly surprising. Then again, Lackey is a helluva competitor and the starting pitching market isn’t exactly brimming with talent. He can probably pull down a decent payday to hold down a spot at the bottom of someone’s rotation, which is exactly what he’s been doing for the last several months.

Despite their obvious need and familiarity, though, it’s hard to see the Cubs heading to Double Jeopardy with Lackey after what we saw last season. It already appears as though Father Time has caught him and he doesn’t figure to experience a rebirth coming off of a campaign in which he allowed only three fewer home runs (36) than his age (39). And even some of those solid stretches in the second half may have been propped up by more than a little bit of good fortune.

But Jed Hoyer left the door open to a reunion when he addressed the media Tuesday at the GM Meetings.

“Its certainly something we’re going to talk about,” the Cubs …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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