Kris Bryant Isn’t ‘Clutch’ and I Couldn’t Care Less

The Cubs have struggled of late, dropping two of four in Pittsburgh and getting swept by the Brewers in a key divisional matchup. Chicago fans are riled up and passing blame in all directions. One target of the fans’ discontent is none other than 2016 MVP Kris Bryant.

On the surface it seems odd to blame Bryant. The star third baseman is slashing .285/.402/.526 this season with 26 homers. His detractors argue his numbers are hollow, with a lack of RBI production and, most importantly, a dearth of clutch hitting.

We’ll get to the latter topic in a moment, but let’s address the low RBI total first. Bryant’s on pace to drive in only 74 runs, much lower than the 102 he drove in last season. But those runs batted in are not fully in the control of the hitter, who can’t determine who is on base in front of him.

The critics will say that’s the whole ballgame, that the purpose of baseball is to produce runs and KB has hurt the team with his lack of run production. They aren’t telling the entire story, however, as the blue-eyed bomber has scored 95 runs in 2017. That’s good for 8th in MLB, …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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