Jeimer Candelario: Prospect Du Jour Still Has a Lot of Questions to Answer

I had this article written about Jeimer Candelario and how the injury to Christian Villanueva was not going affect his path through the system. Then Candelario had to go and hit two home runs over four days in major league Spring Training games. As a result, every major Cub blog/site began to publish profiles of the switch-hitting third baseman and how he is the “hot prospect” at the ripe age of 22. In less than a week’s time, he is now getting more attention than Albert Almora and Willson Contreras.

It was assumed that Candelario would start at AA Tennessee in 2016, but all bets are off thanks to his torrid spring bets are. He has looked very good in the batter’s box and, at times, manning third base in the big league camp. The potential can clearly be seen, but so can some things that he needs to work on (fielding the ball cleanly and not airmailing it to first would be a good start).

So when will Jeimer Candelario make it to the majors?

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Source:: Cubs Insider

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