Javy Baez on Joe West Snit: ‘They Need to Start Talking to Us Like Humans’

It wasn’t a terrible call, certainly not when compared to some of the others in Country Joe West’s protracted career as an arbiter of baseball’s rules. But his called third strike against Javy Baez in the 1st inning of Friday’s 2-1 loss to the Phillies almost resulted in the NL MVP candidate being run before he even got the chance to take his position.

And though it was largely forgotten in light of Javy’s subsequent solo blast, the only virile moment in the Cubs’ impotent offensive display, the heated exchange provided ammunition for the latest salvo in the interminable players vs. umps battle. While it’s his comments certainly were not unsolicited, the fiery middle infielder had some harsh words for West and his compatriots.

“There’s nothing wrong with asking or talking to umpires,” Baez told The Athletic’s Sahadev Sharma after the game. “They need to start talking to us like humans, because they’re not. If anybody doesn’t talk to me with respect, I won’t talk to them with respect either.”

If I were to play devil’s advocate here, I might posit that umpires could respond in kind. Which is to say if players want to …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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