Jake Arrieta Looks Very Affordable, Wade Davis Not So Much in FanGraphs Salary Projections

We’ve seen enough of these free-agent salary projections by now that I feel comfortable dispensing with the chit-chat and heading straight into it. With the GM Meetings taking this place this week, we could actually get a sense of the accuracy of some of the guesses out there pretty soon. The latest slate comes from Dave Cameron at Fangraphs, who added a twist by enlisting the wisdom of the crowd to help him out.

You’ll want to check out the piece for a look at his entire top 50, but I’ve included a names below that could be of interest to the Cubs and/or their fans (number is Cameron’s ranking).

1. Yu Darvish, RHP

Type Years AAV Total
Dave Cameron 6 $28.0 M $168.0 M
Median Crowdsource 5 $25.0 M $125.0 M
Avg Crowdsource 5.4 $24.0 M $130.7 M
This is the highest estimate yet for the man Cameron’s colleague, Travis Sawchick, says the Cubs need. I can’t disagree more strenuously, particularly when we’re talking about this kind of length and AAV. Darvish is only five months younger than the on the next pitcher on this list, a former(?) Cub who’s projected to earn waaaaay less.
3. Jake Arrieta, RHP
Type Years AAV Total
Dave Cameron 4 $24.0 M $96.0 M
Median Crowdsource 5 $22.0 M $110.0 M
Avg Crowdsource 4.6 $22.2 M $102.5 M

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Source:: Cubs Insider

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