How to find the next Whit Merrifield in college baseball

It will require a bit of study, but guys like this are around. You just have to know where and how to look.

Baseball fans can be very amusing. Somewhere around July 2018, the coolest thing in the galaxy became Whit Merrifield . As a very good player on a fifth-place team, the fans of the better teams in the league found themselves perfectly comfortable with subscribing to their own version of the rip-off trades for the Kansas City second baseman. The line of thinking is: “Since he’s having MLB success, and he’s about ready to start getting paid, I might as well patch together a not-too-disgusting melange of inexpensive assets to mansplain Royals fans into why my fake-trade is best for them. And for my team, as well.”

After a fashion, I looked up Merrifield on my favorite sources, and ran into something amusing. The college version of Merrifield is rather plentiful on the college panorama today.

It would be very possible, and advisable, for teams to draft three or four players like Merrifield every season. Many probably do. The argument could be made that David Bote and Trent Giambrone (who is representing as the Cubs…Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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