How college baseball squads compare to minor-league teams

The exercise is useful to figure out where college players fit in a team’s professional pipeline.

A while back, when “finishing” draft coverage for the cycle, I was asked about which levels in the minors correspond to which college conferences. This is a question that both can be answered accurately, and can’t be. Instead of ”apples-to-oranges,” it’s a bit more “circle-to-the-number-37.” The concepts have entirely different measuring sticks. Nonetheless, as the comps are somewhat needed, let them begin.

To start with, college teams do play against pro teams, albeit rarely. The most-often times are either in spring training, or just before affiliates start their regular seasons. South Bend seems to schedule a game against Notre Dame every other season. Sometimes, the games get played.

For the college team, it gets the players a chance to be looked at against professionals in a scoutable environment. For the pros, it offers the South Bend players who haven’t played a game in cold weather to get a chance with relatively little blowback. It benefits both teams mildly, if everyone stays healthy.

The reality is, both sides have entirely different measuring sticks. People in the dugout, other than the players, have totally different expectations. The college coach …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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